If you were looking for jugglers, I’d have been a juggler.

Well, I am dangerously close to trying to query. I’ve picked out 5 agents to start with. I’ve researched them and composed letters for each one.

But I still struggle with what to call my book. I honestly think it could be marketed in a number of different ways, and I’m not sure which is the most effective.

I’m going with Upmarket Commercial Fiction for the moment, so I’ve chosen agents who are interested in representing that category. If I don’t find a good agent match this way, I’ll try marketing as something else. Even as a juggler. teehee.gif

Incidentally, I am a juggler. The pool was double-booked for swim class in my junior year of high school, so I spent 6 weeks learning juggling instead (there was very limited equipment available). Your tax dollars at work. snort.gif


The Sort of Blog Post Only a Best Friend Would Understand…

Today, unbidden from the recesses of my high school memories came the phrase “I feel lousy.”

And I do.

So there you have it. snort.gif

But at least the editing is going well. Finished up through Chapter 39 now. Only the final chapter and– I think I’ve decided– an epilogue to finish.

I am unexpectedly having lunch with my high school English teacher next month. Maybe I will finish in enough time to have a printed copy by then. It would be a hoot to get her opinion on it. teehee.gif