You Like Me! You Really Like Me!!

Breaking News!!

The fabulous and fascinating Kate Karyus Quinn has given Trying to Do the Write Thing the I Love Your Blog Award!


That’s right… a MAJOR award!

So, big thanks to Kate! And now, it’s my chance to pass out awards. I feel like Nick in Pottersville…

“Get me… I’m givin’ out WINGS!”

Drumroll, please!

I proudly present the I Love Your Blog Award to the following AWESOME folks:

  1. Jen at Blurred Motion ~ Jen seriously cracks me up. Try here and here to see why.
  2. Joan at Joelen’s Culinary Adventures ~ Warning! Do not visit this site when you are already hungry. Especially here and here.
  3. Mags at My Mother Wouldn’t Lie ~ I love when Mags blogs. Mags needs to blog more. We need many more posts like this and this.
  4. Mary at Mary Lindsey’s Blog ~ Mary Lindsey rocks especially hard here and here.
  5. Sabrina at Sabrina Faire ~ Why do I love Sabrina? Let me count the ways: one, two, three

So, big YAY’s all around!!


It’s My Blogiversary! (sort of)

It’s not quite Friday yet, but I have a very good reason to celebrate my weekly “In Deep Smit” a day early…

It was one year ago today that I signed up for this spiffy blog on WordPress.

I started this blog when I was just one month (and about 40K words) into The Edge of Memory, mostly as a way of documenting the process.

I was quite private at first. Only my husband and BFF Clara knew I was blogging, and I kept the blog out of search engines and whatnot.

After my first round of editing, I asked for test readers on a number of internet chat boards to which I belong. I set up the Test Readers pages so folks could discuss their thoughts after reading.

But aside from my clandestine beta-readers and a handful of close friends, no one knew I was here.

In May, when I started marketing my novel, I made this a public blog. So Trying to Do the Write Thing has only been public for six months, but it’s a year old today.

I’ve come a long way in a year. Finished a novel and started another. Revised my query letter approximately 72 million times. Learned that publishing is to weeks what football is to minutes– it’s a slow process. I’ve reached a zen-like state of understanding there.

As a physician, I’m used to ordering things “Stat” and that really doesn’t apply in publishing.

I mean REALLY doesn’t apply. But there is an element to that fact that is kind of refreshing. It makes me appreciate the journey.

A journey on which I’ve met (and virtually met) a lot of fabulous people. If you’re reading this, THIS MEANS YOU. đŸ˜‰

Thanks for stopping by!

I Is Pleasantly Amazed!– In Deep Smit 11/07/08

Friday again! I almost missed it, cuz I’ve been trying to catch up on my NaNo writing.

This week, I passed a benchmark of sorts here on Trying To Do the Write Thing. I received my 1000th spam comment, blocked by my ever awesome Akismet Spam Filter.

So, for this week’s In Deep Smit, I thought I would celebrate by sharing my all-time favorite of those spam comments (I’ve removed all the links, natch):

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The Author, you – genius…

Yep, the author, me – genius.

I mean this spammer is definitely on the right track… if you’re going to try to sneak a few dozen links onto my page, the least you can do is try to butter me up while you do it.