You Like Me! You Really Like Me!!

Breaking News!!

The fabulous and fascinating Kate Karyus Quinn has given Trying to Do the Write Thing the I Love Your Blog Award!


That’s right… a MAJOR award!

So, big thanks to Kate! And now, it’s my chance to pass out awards. I feel like Nick in Pottersville…

“Get me… I’m givin’ out WINGS!”

Drumroll, please!

I proudly present the I Love Your Blog Award to the following AWESOME folks:

  1. Jen at Blurred Motion ~ Jen seriously cracks me up. Try here and here to see why.
  2. Joan at Joelen’s Culinary Adventures ~ Warning! Do not visit this site when you are already hungry. Especially here and here.
  3. Mags at My Mother Wouldn’t Lie ~ I love when Mags blogs. Mags needs to blog more. We need many more posts like this and this.
  4. Mary at Mary Lindsey’s Blog ~ Mary Lindsey rocks especially hard here and here.
  5. Sabrina at Sabrina Faire ~ Why do I love Sabrina? Let me count the ways: one, two, three

So, big YAY’s all around!!


5 Responses

  1. Your pictures are giving me a strong desire to begin the annual Christmas movie watching spree before the official post-Thanksigiving kick-off date!

  2. Oh, wow! I finally won something! Thanks for the award, you made my night. Those are my favorite posts on my blog too.

    Love ya, hon.


  3. You’re ridiculously generous! Thank you, Heather.

    I am honored beyond description.

  4. yep. mags definitely has a blog to love. 🙂

  5. […] week I am in deep smit with my shiny blog award. Not because of the award itself (although it IS shiny!) but because I got curious about the path […]

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