Genre-Crossing and The Edge of Memory

I have struggled a bit with developing the pitch for my novel, since it doesn’t fit easily into a single category. I had lunch with an English teacher friend who’s just finished reading and asked her what she thought about genres.

“Well, it’s sort of a romantic, psychological thriller,” she said.

“With paranormal elements.”

She snorted her iced tea. “Yes, but you tread so lightly there I think you can safely avoid mentioning it.”

“I think the best fit category is Upmarket Women’s Fiction.”

“Well, whatever it is, it’s gripping.”

So there you have it.

We also discussed the new title, and I explained the reservations I had with the former working title “Still Haunted” which were:

  1. It falsely led people to expect a balls-out ghost story, whereas the ghost elements were subtle and late in the novel
  2. By the end, the protagonist is not really so haunted anymore.

My friend suggested “Still Haunted.  Until Recently.” as an alternate title. 

I prefer “Up to a Short While Ago, Quite, Quite Haunted”

Maybe I should try that title for my next queries. 

Well, after much (much!) painful deliberation…

and much nagging of test readers and even folks who have not read my book, there seems to have emerged a preference among the recent title front-runners.

Edge Cover

So, I should begin querying in earnest soon. I sent off a couple of e-queries last week under my previous title of “Still Haunted” also, so we’ll see where that gets me.

It’s officially spring and it’s Easter, so it seems a good day for a new beginning and a new title. 🙂

Title Talk, Again, Again

Well, no worries, Clara. teehee.gif My romance with “Tied to the Tracks” turned out to be a one-night stand.snort.gif

I’ve got a few other new options. A long list anyway. My husband’s current favorite is:

Forgotten, Not Forgiven

We’ll see if I hate myself in the morning. rollingonfloor.gif

Title Talk, Again.

Well, still not satisfied with my working title, I am now in deep smit with a new alternative.

Tied to the Tracks

Whatcha think? popcorn.gif

If you were looking for jugglers, I’d have been a juggler.

Well, I am dangerously close to trying to query. I’ve picked out 5 agents to start with. I’ve researched them and composed letters for each one.

But I still struggle with what to call my book. I honestly think it could be marketed in a number of different ways, and I’m not sure which is the most effective.

I’m going with Upmarket Commercial Fiction for the moment, so I’ve chosen agents who are interested in representing that category. If I don’t find a good agent match this way, I’ll try marketing as something else. Even as a juggler. teehee.gif

Incidentally, I am a juggler. The pool was double-booked for swim class in my junior year of high school, so I spent 6 weeks learning juggling instead (there was very limited equipment available). Your tax dollars at work. snort.gif


After an inordinate amount of stalling, I have finally made the changes to Chapter 19.


That was the editing I was dreading the most.


Hopefully, the rest will go quickly now!

In other news, another new edition of toying with titles:


More Playing Around

I’m so stalling. It’s not even funny. hide.gif

I’ve had all day where I could have edited Chapters 18 and 19 (apart from a brief skirmish with work), but instead I’ve touched up other chapters, done global word searches, researched agents– done everything BUT edit the next two chapters.

Chapter 19 will be the biggest edit I need to do. And I’m not sure what I want to do with it. So I keep avoiding it.

To prove my case beyond a shadow of a doubt, I offer this into evidence. I present Exhibit A:

Alternate Cover Design

I am toying with titles, flap copy, and covers again. So sue me. snort.gif