Title Talk, Again.

Well, still not satisfied with my working title, I am now in deep smit with a new alternative.

Tied to the Tracks

Whatcha think? popcorn.gif


2 Responses

  1. hmmmm. I dunno! I’ve gotten kind of fond of Still Haunted. I guess I see the parts in the house in Nebraska weighing more heavily than the parts related to the train. But of course ymmv.

  2. I can relate to those troubles. The working title for the novel I’m working on is “Light”, but since this is only the first book and “Light refers much more to the overall conflict, I’ll probably have to change it later on. I’ve got some ideas, but I’m still deciding.

    “Still Haunted” sounds more intriguing to me, but that’s just personally and very, very superficially, I have to admit 😉

    Oh and since you’re probably asking yourself who the heck this person is who’s leaving this rambling comment, I found you commenting on Colleen Lindsay’s blog and went to browse some of the people’s blogs who commented there. Always nice to find fellow writers 😉

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