Under Cover

Kate Schafer Testerman posted this little activity over on KT Literary. You can read the full rules on her site, but in a nutshell: the task was to design a book cover using a randomly generated author name, book title, and cover image.

So I decided to play along (It’s the least I can do after I made her the unwitting star in a Broadway-style musical.)

It should be quite obvious that my random name was “Tricia Forbes” and my random title was the verb “Fold”:

I think it turned out quite well. =)


Well, after much (much!) painful deliberation…

and much nagging of test readers and even folks who have not read my book, there seems to have emerged a preference among the recent title front-runners.

Edge Cover

So, I should begin querying in earnest soon. I sent off a couple of e-queries last week under my previous title of “Still Haunted” also, so we’ll see where that gets me.

It’s officially spring and it’s Easter, so it seems a good day for a new beginning and a new title. 🙂

Playing Around

I haven’t really edited today.

I spent a lot of the day formatting my revised manuscript into novel-sized pages and playing with setting up a copy for myself on lulu.com.

I’m really tempted to order one, just to see it looking like a novel. But I know I’ll kick myself later when I haven’t made the changes I know I still want to make.

So, here’s my mock-up cover, anyway.

LuLu Cover

Tomorrow, I will start editing again. I promise.


After an inordinate amount of stalling, I have finally made the changes to Chapter 19.


That was the editing I was dreading the most.


Hopefully, the rest will go quickly now!

In other news, another new edition of toying with titles:


More Playing Around

I’m so stalling. It’s not even funny. hide.gif

I’ve had all day where I could have edited Chapters 18 and 19 (apart from a brief skirmish with work), but instead I’ve touched up other chapters, done global word searches, researched agents– done everything BUT edit the next two chapters.

Chapter 19 will be the biggest edit I need to do. And I’m not sure what I want to do with it. So I keep avoiding it.

To prove my case beyond a shadow of a doubt, I offer this into evidence. I present Exhibit A:

Alternate Cover Design

I am toying with titles, flap copy, and covers again. So sue me. snort.gif

Okay, so more cover kookiness…

Nobody seems to have an opinion about the covers. So, I brainstormed a bit and came up with this: I used the photo from Cover Option 3 and faded and sepia-toned it for the back cover. I think I like it.

full size cover

(Back) (Front)

Click images for larger views.

The back description is just a quickie-one… needs work, obviously. I just wanted to see how it looked.

Any opinions are welcome!

O Come All Ye Chitties…

So I’ve ‘fessed up to my online community at large. 🙂

As of this moment, the folks (outside of the novel writing site) who know I am writing are:

  1. My Husband
  2. My Best Friend
  3. Chitties

Thank you, thank you, to everyone who has offered encouragement and support. It is deeply appreciated.

Any opinions on the book cover options would be appreciated (the “Covers” tab above) 😉 Which one would you pick up to find out what it was about?

Okay, I’m behind from working yesterday. Less blogging, more writing. *teehee*