Mommy Deerest or How NOT to Report an Emergency

Last night I officially had the crap scared out of me. I was working a shift when I received a call from my father.

“Your mother’s been in an accident,” he said. “She hit a deer. She’s bleeding but she doesn’t know from where.”

Needless to say, I was careening towards full-blown panic. I called my mom’s cell phone and talked to her for a few seconds before she was loaded into the ambulance. She sounded okay, which was reassuring, but I was still pretty freaked waiting to hear from the ER docs.

Once they’d checked her over, I was allowed to talk to her again. Turns out a deer tried to jump over her car as she traveled at 50 mph. The deer landed on her windshield and roof. It died instantly.

My mother was lucky, all things considered. She suffered a lot of superficial scrapes and bruises. She has a bad black eye from the roof collapsing on her.


So, if you find yourself needing to make this sort of phone call try this, “Your mother’s been in an car accident. I just spoke to her and she’s awake and coherent. 911 was called already. She’d like you to call.”

Many thanks to those who offered support and well-wishes during the chaos yesterday.