On Track

There is such a change in how I feel as I get further and further into my story.

When I first began, I seriously doubted I would ever finish. I didn’t want to tell anyone about it, because I would be so embarrassed to tell them I’d given up.

I told a handful of people. I mean literally– you can count them on one hand. Just so I could be sure it was really happening. To them, I will be grateful forever. 🙂

Now I have written 18 chapters and more than 180 pages. And the urge to tell other people about it is rising exponentially.

As evidenced by the fact that I’ve created my first blog, I suppose, even though it is not searchable at the moment and I haven’t shared the link except with those few who already know about it.

I find myself fighting not to drop it into casual conversation: “Did you do anything fun on your day off, Heather?” “Why, yes, I started a novel actually.” 😀

The whole process has been truly surreal. I just hope I can keep riding this crazy wave until I hit the end.