Title Talk, Again, Again

Well, no worries, Clara. teehee.gif My romance with “Tied to the Tracks” turned out to be a one-night stand.snort.gif

I’ve got a few other new options. A long list anyway. My husband’s current favorite is:

Forgotten, Not Forgiven

We’ll see if I hate myself in the morning. rollingonfloor.gif


The Sort of Blog Post Only a Best Friend Would Understand…

Today, unbidden from the recesses of my high school memories came the phrase “I feel lousy.”

And I do.

So there you have it. snort.gif

But at least the editing is going well. Finished up through Chapter 39 now. Only the final chapter and– I think I’ve decided– an epilogue to finish.

I am unexpectedly having lunch with my high school English teacher next month. Maybe I will finish in enough time to have a printed copy by then. It would be a hoot to get her opinion on it. teehee.gif