Who Doesn’t Enjoy a Makeover Once in a While?

I heart my wordpress blog. Seriously.

I love the post editor here. I love that I can have as many pages as I want and keep everything neat and organized. I love the threaded comments and the stat reports.

I love WordPress more than the other blog sites, and I can say that fairly objectively. You may not realize that I maintain blogs on both Blogger and Livejournal. And, if anything, I am generally biased in favor of Google products.

I happened to start blogging here mostly by pure fluke, and I’m glad I did… I’m not the least bit regretful I didn’t start out on blogger.

Well, maybe “the least bit.”

The only things I envy on Blogger are the ability to get all up in the code (so you can put your own widgety things in) and the Google followers concept, which is all kinds of cool.

Now Google’s no fool, so when I Follow folks on their blogger blogs, my profile and comments link back to my Blogger blog, instead of this one. And recently a few people who found me that way left comments for me there (or even “Followed” my Blogger blog, which takes some initiative on their part, as I have no follower widget since I rarely update there).

This inspired me to update my poor neglected Blogger site, which up until recently sported an ancient template and not-the-most-visually-appealing-color-scheme. So I did a makeover.

And, in case WordPress got jealous, I made this site over, too.

On Blogger, the change is hands-down an improvement. I am less certain about this one. What do y’all think?


9 Responses

  1. I like this! I love WordPress, but am not smart enough to figure it out yet. Thus I’m mostly on Blogger. 😀

  2. I love the new look 😀 very nice!

  3. This “new face” is bright and happy. I wandered over to check out the new look, and was struck by the impression of a sunny day — which was doubly nice, since it’s gray and dreary here today. Thanks for the ray of sunshine! 🙂

    • Hey, chickie! Where have you been?

      • Positively COVERED UP with work — which would be a good thing if per-word rates in the freelance sphere hadn’t plummeted lately. I still read the blogs, but hardly ever take the time to comment. (I know: Rude!)

        Tickled to death to hear about your agenting! Congrats! 🙂

  4. It looks great!

  5. It’s lovely! I like the look of WordPress too.

  6. I didn’t see what this one looked like before, but I think it looks great now! I love the widget over on the left with all your tags. I haven’t found a way to do that on blogger yet…

  7. Great look to this site And, as a writer and college writing teacher, I’m fascinated by the content. I just began posting on wordpress too–like the format but it’s hard to figure out. I’m at http://drjanem.wordpress.com/

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