Sample Back Flap Copy Blurb

In 1951, a young girl collapses in an unfamiliar house in rural Illinois. No one knows where she came from or how she ended up on war widow Thea Greyson’s front porch that stormy night. Thirty years later, with no memory of her first ten years, Beatrice Greyson is devastated by the death of the woman who took her in. But her grief turns to betrayal when she finds the letter from her birth mother that Thea claimed was lost.

Leaving everything behind to search for her birth parents, Beatrice follows the railroad tracks across the Midwest. She could never have imagined the fate suffered by her parents, but there are darker family secrets. Uncovering them will force her to confront a violent murderer. And maybe miss out on the love of her life.


7 Responses

  1. Sounds intriguing! Good luck!

  2. I am so so SO getting your book when it comes out.

  3. it’s getting exciting in here!

  4. You did a great job on this website and I wish you tons of success with your writing. Please tell me how to do a book trailer. (I’m technology challenged, but I usually muddle through by employing that lowest form of intelligence: trial and error.)

    • Thanks, Bob!

      I did my book trailer with Windows Movie Maker, which I discovered came pre-installed on my laptop. It was pretty easy to work with.

      Of course, this is just a mock-up. When I’m making one for real, I’ll have professional help. Good luck with yours!

  5. You did the write things with that cover. I was hooked. I’m studying how to write my own flap copy and I like yours as an example. Keep up the good work.

    Nate Perkins

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