Can We Twalk?

I love a good pun as much as the next person (okay… that’s not actually true. I love them wildly more than most folks, but that’s neither here nor there) but this whole twitter-speak practice of adding a “TW” into pretty much any word is getting on my nerves.

Don’t get me wrong… some of them are quite clever. Many of them, however, simply sound like Elmer Fudd hijacked everyone’s twitter accounts. And even worse are those terms that bear no resemblance to the original word whatsoever.

So, can we all weigh in here and separate the wheat from the chaff?

Here’s my votes:

Keepers (These are cute and/or practical and do not force me to blush or roll my eyes.):

  • Tweetup (for meet-ups with your twitter friends)
  • Twitching (for tweet-sized pitches, coined by the ladies of BookEnds)
  • Tweeps (twitter + peeps)
  • Twinfomercial (Okay… this one cracks me up. Cuz there are a good deal of self-promotional tweets out there, and some of them can get downright obnoxious.)
  • Twitterverse (akin to blogosphere)

If You Must (These I find iffy– straddling the border between punny and ridiculous. But I can deal if you’re a fan.):

  • Twibe (for twitter groups– twitter + tribe. We’re getting dangerously Elmer Fuddy-Duddy here. This goes for you, too, Twoup.)
  • Tweeple (twitter + people. For some reason, this one seems sillier than the shortened “Tweeps” above)
  • Twondering (twitter + wondering. I’m not sure why we need this word in our vocab, but at least the fact that it makes use of the “w” makes its meaning clear.)

Wait, Seriously? (These bug me. Or confuse me. Or both. Can we ban these please?):

  • Twiend (twitter + friend. Never mind that it looks more like Twi-End. By the time I’ve figured this one out, I will no longer desire to be twiendly.)
  • Twirt (twitter + flirt. Ick. Please, no. And how can you tell this doesn’t mean “Squirt” or “Dirt” anyway?)
  • Twollower (twitter + follower. Really? Is this necessary? I mean… never mind how you get tangled up in the “two” before you realize… this feels a lot closer to “wallower” than “follower. And who wants that?)
  • Twammer (twitter + spammer. This is just silly. If you must use a kitchy title for unwanted follower folk, I suggest Twespasser.
  • Pretty much anything that replaces a letter other than “T” or “W”, as it becomes either beyond silly or completely unintelligible. Or both. Yes, I’m looking at you Tweighborhood, Twint (for twitter + hint), Twumor (twitter + rumor), Twink (twitter + link), and Tweed (twitter + feed). Be honest… if I didn’t include what the heck those are supposed to mean, would you have interpreted them easily?

So… what twitter terminology do you love or hate? Let’s get this thing nailed down in the comments.


12 Responses

  1. Twat is two annoytwing. Twhat a bunch of twats.

  2. I’m not on twitter, but this post is hilarious! I love puns, too. A little too much, but can we say overkill? Or should that be twoverkill? Don’t let the two confuse you! Haha…

  3. Um.. I should add it would confuse me because by no means was that to sound like I was making fun of you… Sheesh! I really need to proofread before I submit…

  4. I’m with you, Tweather. Like many other Twends that start out cute and clever, Tweople have run the whole Twords Twing Twompletely into the ground. Twenough, Tweeps. Tweriously. (I like Twespasser, though. Sounds like Baba Wawa-speak [SNL]. 🙂 )

  5. EXACTLY my reason for not twittering…WHATEVER!

  6. Pretty much why Twitter wil not work for me. I cannot stand to use abbreviations and text lingo except the occasional LOL or ROFL.

    And, no, I don’t think I’d have known what those last ones were supposed to be if you hadn’t said.

  7. ROTFL! I’m a twitter non-liker but I use it a little bit. These are too funny!

  8. Just one of the many, MANY reasons I am not on Twitter. Oh, and I would have no idea what most of these things mean if someone didn’t explain them to me. At least now I know how to make fun of people 🙂
    Geez, that was mean, wasn’t it?


  9. I just started following Twitter. I must be too od to get it. I don’t understand what most people are tweeting.

  10. I FB more than Twitter. Although each has a place in my life and profession. I like the quick, clean ease of Twitter, whereas FB seems bogged down and cluttered to me the more I use it.

    I don’t get into Twitter-speak much. Most of my real-life friends don’t Twitter at all. But I enjoy meeting other like minded writers, librarians & moms on Twitter. It’s a good meeting place & a storehouse of ideas.

  11. Some of those tw words are Twerible, but some aren’t. Sorry for this comment. It’s truly twerible.

  12. p.s. I’m close to hating Tweeps. It’s too close to Twerps.

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