Three is a Magic Number

Editing away. type.gif There are now three chapters yet to be edited. shock.gif

I definitely have some reworking to do in these last chapters, though. Polishing for the ending.

Then it will be back through again for touch-ups and more descriptions. A very helpful writing buddy gave me a great suggestion for an extended scene, so I’ll need to do that.


But I’m close to being ready to see if anyone is interested in my book.ohnoes.gif

And that’s both amazing and terrifying.




Full Steam Ahead

I am editing like all get out. I totally rewrote chapter 32 today. I added in an unexpected graveyard scene; I’ll have to read it in a bit and see how I feel about it.

I’m now up to chapter 34 for edits. Seven chapters left in my major edit, and I’m feeling really good about what I’ve done. The changes are definitely for the better.
I’m a little nervous, though, because I’ve cut down my word count considerably. I’m currently around 88,000, but I will certainly cut more in the remaining chapters. I might add some in though, too.

I need to flesh out the ending, I think. I kind of rushed through it in my excitement at being so close to finished.

I’d like the book to end up at around 90K. Of course, there are also many scenes where I could add some description. I tend to gloss over those, sometimes.

I’ve updated the version of the first three chapters on my blog, so if you get a chance, you might want to take a peek at them.


I Love It When We’re Cruisin’ Together

Editing is in full swing. I critique for my buddies and they critique for me.highfive.gif

I’m now through 25 chapters for my major edit. 15 left to go.hoorah.gif

I’ve updated the status of my editing plan.

I’ve cut about 4500 words so far (well, I’ve cut a lot more than that, but I’ve added stuff in, too)

The more I do, the better I feel about this project.


I’m so grateful for all the help I’ve been given on this so far.

Special shout-out to my test reader peeps and the gang at


Anyone who has the time…

I could really use opinions on the changes to the first chapter. It is under Rewrite of the Rewrite.

Specifically, I want to know if the revised opening works, and whether the added time-setting details fit in smoothly.

Thanks in advance!


Oh, Test Readers…

First of all…

The game is afoot. 🙂

(If you still haven’t given me your address, you might want to get on that. 🙂 )

Second, I’ve created a survey for some questions I had about your opinions on the book. Please take a few minutes to answer if you can. It should be super easy and fast!


Keepin’ on Keepin’ on

So a few little things to report.

First of all, I’ve joined a critiquing website that was recommended by someone I did NaNoWriMo with a couple of months ago. And I have my first chapter up for review this week. I already have had 4 lovely reviews written– the most so far of anyone else in the “newbie queue”, so that is encouraging that my story is interesting enough for someone to start reading.

So, yay!


Also, I am working on a top-secret project for my test readers. So look for that to roll out sometime next week, I think. 😉

In other news, work has been crazy busy, so between that and the holidays, my husband’s birthday and whatnot, I have not had much time to edit yet. And it’s driving me batty. But I think that’s a good thing… I am really itching to work on it, and I feel like the changes I’ve made so far are really improving things.

For the record, I have revised the revision of the first 3 chapters, too. teehee.gif

I would really like to get through the major revision in the next month or so, and then maybe print my personal copy. I would like to hold it novel-sized in my hand and read through it again that

Overall, I am slowly plugging away. type.gif

If anyone reading this could comment on the alternate title options, I would appreciate it. 🙂


You might have noticed I regrouped a bit. The test reader pages are now lumped together on one tab, and all the book-related pages are linked from one tab also.

There is also a discussion page for title options, since some folks have suggested I change it.

Happy New Year, everyone!