Editing Away

I just finished the first plot edit. Wow, that was hard!

I am currently edited through chapter 8, and have completed the eavesdropping/confession edits I mentioned in my editing plan. The only other plot edit I have planned is the first big confrontation at the hospital. I’m still not sure how I will edit that. I guess I’ll find out in eleven chapters or so. 🙂

It is still too soon for me to know whether or not I am happy with the changes I’ve made; I will reread them in a couple of days and see what I think.

Things are still going well with my critiquecircle work, also. My second chapter will be up for public review on Wednesday. Meanwhile, I have submitted the first 6 chapters to a private queue for folks to read. I’m hoping I’ll have a few more critiquers join there once chapter 2 goes public.

All in all, things are perking along.

I hope all my awesome test readers know why I requested street addresses by now. If not, please tell me. 🙂