Well, after much (much!) painful deliberation…

and much nagging of test readers and even folks who have not read my book, there seems to have emerged a preference among the recent title front-runners.

Edge Cover

So, I should begin querying in earnest soon. I sent off a couple of e-queries last week under my previous title of “Still Haunted” also, so we’ll see where that gets me.

It’s officially spring and it’s Easter, so it seems a good day for a new beginning and a new title. 🙂

If you were looking for jugglers, I’d have been a juggler.

Well, I am dangerously close to trying to query. I’ve picked out 5 agents to start with. I’ve researched them and composed letters for each one.

But I still struggle with what to call my book. I honestly think it could be marketed in a number of different ways, and I’m not sure which is the most effective.

I’m going with Upmarket Commercial Fiction for the moment, so I’ve chosen agents who are interested in representing that category. If I don’t find a good agent match this way, I’ll try marketing as something else. Even as a juggler. teehee.gif

Incidentally, I am a juggler. The pool was double-booked for swim class in my junior year of high school, so I spent 6 weeks learning juggling instead (there was very limited equipment available). Your tax dollars at work. snort.gif

That’s the way it crumbles… cookiewise.

Well, in a fit of early morning nuttiness a couple of days ago, I sent off an e-query to an agent whose blog I’ve been following. I received the standard form rejection letter.

As it turns out, there is speculation that this particular agent does not represent dark subject matter, so it is probably for the best.

Still stings, though. 🙂

In other news, the mock-up copy I ordered from lulu.com arrived yesterday. It is really cool to hold something that looks like a novel in your hands and know that you wrote it.

That said, I am not totally pleased with the presentation. I used standard 12 font Times New Roman, and it ended up looking like a large print edition.

Once I read through again (I intend to read the novel-sized version; I think I will catch different things I want to change from that perspective), I will reformat when I order the next copy. Bonus: it will cost less, because it will be less pages in a smaller font.

Of course, it wasn’t that expensive in the first place. 😉

In the meanwhile, I will keep plugging away at the editing. I might officially start sending out query letters next month. I’ll probably send out a few and see what the response is. If it is all standard rejections, then maybe my query letter needs revision.

Scene Together

I am so close to finishing I can taste it! I just finished editing Chapter 33, which was the major scene I needed to add. I’ve got to go back and review it later to see how it fits after a little distance, but I think it worked out well.daisy.gif

Seven chapters left on the second edit, and then one more quick time through for some minor things (I need to do some global document searches for words that I overuse. This includes my characters’ names, as I tend to identify them more than necessary).type.gif

I still need to add in a brief scene for the final chapter (and a detail I recently thought of to an existing scene). I also am considering an epilogue, or just extending the ending.

Either way, I am close to having a complete-enough manuscript to print my copy and mail out query letters. And that is amazing.


Also amazing is some feedback I’ve had recently from one of the people who is critiquing my novel. He has started to talk about the symbols and themes in my novel, which gives me loads of warm fuzzies. It is so exciting to have someone find the details you weave into your story. highfive.gif

Which reminds me yet again of how grateful I am to my awesome legion of test writers, whether they are Chitties or CC Critters. You guys rock! grouphugg.gifthanku.gif

Part III

Well, I’ve finished my second run of editing up through Chapter 30, which concludes Part II of my novel.


The third act is now all that stands between me and the next phase. I am so excited to hold a copy in my hands. I’m determined to order my personal copy by February 29th.hoorah.gif

The last ten chapters will be a little slower going, though. More changes happening there. I’ve got at least 3 small scenes to add plotting.gif, and the next chapter on my agenda needs a bit of rewriting.

Still, I’m close. Pulsingly, tangibly close. I’m terrified and excited to send out my query letters and see if anyone bites.popcorn.gifpraying.gif

Booking Along

I am storming through the second round of editing. I’m through 18 chapters now… not quite halfway. Well, less than that, even, since I have a couple of scenes I need to add in the second half of the book.

Still, major progress. 🙂

I’ve now set the end of the month as my goal. I want to place the order for my personal novel-bound copy on February 29th. It will be tight, but I think I can do it.

It’s currently almost 17 weeks since I wrote the very first word.faint.gif

Once I have my personal copy, I’m going to try to forget it’s a project I’ve been working on feverishly for weeks and try to read it like any other novel. I suspect I’ll catch a couple other things I need to change that way.

And then, finally, I’ll be ready to run this puppy up the flag pole and see if anyone salutes. ohnoes.gif


Three is a Magic Number

Editing away. type.gif There are now three chapters yet to be edited. shock.gif

I definitely have some reworking to do in these last chapters, though. Polishing for the ending.

Then it will be back through again for touch-ups and more descriptions. A very helpful writing buddy gave me a great suggestion for an extended scene, so I’ll need to do that.


But I’m close to being ready to see if anyone is interested in my book.ohnoes.gif

And that’s both amazing and terrifying.