That’s the way it crumbles… cookiewise.

Well, in a fit of early morning nuttiness a couple of days ago, I sent off an e-query to an agent whose blog I’ve been following. I received the standard form rejection letter.

As it turns out, there is speculation that this particular agent does not represent dark subject matter, so it is probably for the best.

Still stings, though. 🙂

In other news, the mock-up copy I ordered from arrived yesterday. It is really cool to hold something that looks like a novel in your hands and know that you wrote it.

That said, I am not totally pleased with the presentation. I used standard 12 font Times New Roman, and it ended up looking like a large print edition.

Once I read through again (I intend to read the novel-sized version; I think I will catch different things I want to change from that perspective), I will reformat when I order the next copy. Bonus: it will cost less, because it will be less pages in a smaller font.

Of course, it wasn’t that expensive in the first place. 😉

In the meanwhile, I will keep plugging away at the editing. I might officially start sending out query letters next month. I’ll probably send out a few and see what the response is. If it is all standard rejections, then maybe my query letter needs revision.