So, last night I had a dream.

In my dream, I had a new test reader for my novel. He was so enthusiastic about my project that, in addition to his detailed feedback, he submitted pictures of himself with some significant item from each chapter.

So, a picture of him holding a bottle of Irish whiskey, wearing(!) a charm braceletteehee.gif, leafing through an atlas of the Midwest, etc.

Wondering who this fanatical new test reader might be? desk.gif

Well, James Patterson, obviously.shock.gif

Especially interesting is the fact that I had no idea what James Patterson looks like headscratch.gif(I googled him this morning). In my dream, he looked a little like the pilot from Airplane! grinteeth.gif

So, Mr. Patterson, if you’re reading my private, non-searchable blog (as I’m sure you must berollingonfloor.gif), I would be happy to let you test read. Just drop me an email. snort.gif