Always a Silver Lining… The Upside of the Great Pager Swap Fiasco

If you read my last post, you might think the Great Pager Swap 2009 was all hassle and no payoff. But you’d be mistaken.

I have an unpredictable schedule that can keep me away from a computer for big chunks of time. I also have in-laws with dial-up whom we visit frequently.

Like every other author seeking representation, I don’t want to miss a reply from an agent when I can’t get online. So I set up an email filter that forwards messages with “Query” or “The Edge of Memory” in the subject to my text pager.

This works great, overall, but it did backfire on me once.

An email reply on my full manuscript was forwarded to my pager from an agent who’d requested my full after reading my partial. My pager displayed the beginning of the message:

From: Awesome Agent

Re: Requested Full Manuscript of The Edge of Memory

Dear Heather,

Thank you so much for letting me review The Edge of Memory. I’m really intrigued by the premise and definitely think it has appeal in today’s market


As you’ve probably guessed, I thought this might be good news, but the next sentence (which didn’t make it onto my pager display) started with “However.”  When I finally made it back online, I was crushed.

It turned out to be a great response nonetheless, since her feedback gave me a Eureka moment that made my manuscript much stronger. But I could have done without the false hopes.

Well, my new pager displays more than twice as much text as the old one did. And I doubt any agent will beat around the bush that long before lobbing a “However” or an “Unfortunately” at me.

So, you see… there is a reason for everything. Even for the Great Pager Swap Fiasco.


7 Responses

  1. You always, always see the silver lining. I’m glad the new pager is made of awesome!

  2. Ah. I got a response on a full that had been through several readings at the agency that began with “Congratulations on a strong and marketable project.” The next word was “Although” You can guess the rest.

    Keep looking for that lining. It’s there.

  3. You have such a great attitude! I’m glad you found the silver lining!

  4. I just scan for the word unfortunately. Argh.

    p.s. You’ve been tagged on my blog for the Sisterhood Award. 🙂 Because you rock. You do. And no unfortunately about it.

  5. Ack! My heart sunk for you! It is such a strange place. I am almost hoping to get some rejections on the partials and fulls I have out there… only to have the waiting over with! Press on.


  6. That hurt just reading what happened to you. Hopefully you’ll get some good news soon. Though it’s always great when the rejections come with a eureka moment.


    Dying to see some more medical advice on the QT blog.

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