This one time… at band camp…

Okay, I never actually went to band camp.

But I was in a band.

No, not that sort of band. A supercool 80’s rock band, circa 1987.

Of course, we had no musical training whatsoever, unless you count forcing my 7-year-old cousin to show me what she’d learned in piano lessons for the previous 2 years. One of us was slightly tone deaf. And we had no instruments, save my beloved casio keyboard/calculator (about 12 inches long):


We were thirteen years old…
One blonde, one brunette, AND one redhead…
who had watched Dirty Dancing at least 100 times and memorized all the dance moves.


We had an original song– music and lyrics composed by yours truly.

I KNOW! How could we not have made it?

Perhaps it was because we only performed in my best friend’s basement. Alone. Or maybe it was because we never quite hit on the right combination of jelly bracelets and legwarmers. I’m afraid the world may never know.

Sadly, (or perhaps not-so-sadly) I don’t have the capacity to add the original tune to my wordpress blog. However, you may rest assured that Mr. Kiddoc feels it was perfectly representative of the time period and could have been a HUGE hit in 1987.

So I present for your amusement,

It’s a Fantasy

It’s a fantasy
That I dream each night
I envision you
Holding me tight.
If you’d take a chance
Like I wish you’d do
Then my fantasy
Could be coming true (It’s coming true!)


It’s a fantasy
It’s my hopes and dreams
You’re the one for me
This I know
Tonight I’ll wish upon a star
And wherever you are
I hope you feel my love
for you forever

Cuz in my fantasy
We are lovers, you and I
And you say that we’ll
Be together ’til we die
You will notice me
On that magic day
And you’ll say to me
Those three words I wish you’d say.

(Repeat chorus)

It’s a fantasy
It’s a fantasy
It’s a fantasy*

(* the last one should be whispered for dramatic effect, natch.)

So… now for the audience participation:

Guess the NAME of my band. Alternative names may be suggested in the comments. 😉


7 Responses

  1. 🙂 Great song!
    And thanks for making me smile!
    Too cute of post.
    I voted Sherlock Hemlock.

  2. The Weebles? Seriously. No teen or pre-teen girl alive would name themselves after the Little People’s obese cousins.

    I love your song. It’s so very Aldo Nova meets Selena.

    I’m thinking you went with the Madonna influence and named yourselves Material Girls.

    Alternative band names: Hmmmm…. I was once in a band called Mean Persuassion. My last band was Furious George. (We actually performed in public under these names. It was awesome.)

    I wanted to name the band Red-Headed Step-Child, but since my daughter is a redhead, we figured it might give her some sort of complex.

    My daughter named her band Copperfront (as opposed to Nickelback).

  3. I went for Material Girls. Madonna was just too hot back then to pass up on the reference.

  4. Even back then you were quite a writer. 😉

  5. LOL! I voted for the CSGR! And I love the whispered last line. Gotta go with dramatic!

  6. I agree with Mr. K. That sounds exactly like the stuff that was on the radio then. If only record label execs had been more in the habit of hanging out in your friend’s basement…

  7. excellent!
    you had my foot tappin’ to those lyrics!
    (and it’s never too late to get it recorded!)

    i actually owned the Casio pictured.
    bought it as a drum machine, but it was so much more, wasn’t it.

    great stuff!

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