I Need a Hero…

Yesterday as I drove in to work for a meeting, I found myself behind a beat-up white Lancer. The driver caught my notice with the pointy silhouette of his sweatshirt-hooded head.

His reflection in the rear-view mirror revealed oversized sunglasses. My eyes drifted to his license plate which read: SUPRDV

And suddenly I understood… clearly, I had stumbled upon a secret identity.

No worries, Super Dave… your secret is safe with me.

Oh… wait…


4 Responses

  1. Whew. What a relief.

    At first I thought you were describing those old drawings of the Unibomber.

  2. No, that would be the Duobomber, we already caught the first one.

  3. lol oh dear Heather, now he’ll have to go find another disquise! Tsk tsk 😉

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