Lovely PAM, Wonderful PAM (In Deep Smit 12/19/08)

Well, I’m late to posting today, in part because I spent the greater portion of the day chipping my driveway out from underneath the ice and snow.

Our neighborhood is coated in the twisted offspring of snow and freezing rain… a thick shelf of snow encased in a two-inch layer of ice.  The ice layer is so strong, it can often support your weight, allowing you to skitter across the surface for a while.  Until you hit a weaker spot or linger too long, and a large circle caves in around you as you plunge into powder up to your knees.

Shoveling snow is WAY up there on my list of unpleasant things to do.  But the worst is hoisting a heavy shovel, twisting to dump it, and pitching forward off-balance into a snow bank cuz the snow didn’t release.

Well, I didn’t have that problem today. In a very Martha Stewart-y way, we sprayed the shovel down with PAM first.  No sticking.

So, yay!  PAM is not just for low-fat cooking anymore.


3 Responses

  1. LOL. I think Martha would be proud.

  2. This is brilliant, Heather! Sign me up for a membership of the PAM fan club. My son will be thrilled – we came home to knee-deep snow last night. I love the smileys, BTW.

  3. You have just given me another reason to love living in coastal Texas–no snow. As for Pam, it has a a whole new image in my mind. Pam the Superhero. Wish I had a smiley for that.

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