And the Award Goes To… (In Deep Smit 11/21/08)

Another Friday, of course.

This week I am in deep smit with my shiny blog award. Not because of the award itself (although it IS shiny!) but because I got curious about the path by which it reached Trying to Do the Write Thing.

So I followed it backwards and found all manner of awesomeness.

And so, without further ado, in the order in which their awards were received… here are some of the sites that came before mine in the I Love Your Blog Award chain:

  1. Library Queue
  2. Diary of an Eccentric
  3. Things Mean a Lot
  4. The Bookworm
  5. The Trillionth Page
  6. What I am Reading
  7. Reading is So Much Fun
  8. Danette’s Chatting Lounge
  9. Sidhe Vicious Reviews
  10. Books, books, and more books
  11. Shaunie’s Happy Place
  12. Writing with Vicki
  13. On the Writers’ Road Less Traveled
  14. First Edition
  15. The Gentle Art of Conversation
  16. The Write Soul
  17. Me, My Muse, and I
  18. The Saucy Scribe
  19. The Lovers, the Dreamers, and Me
  20. Yours truly!! đŸ™‚

One Response

  1. I love this because it’s also the path to my award. I love you because I would have NEVER thought to trace the path of the award! (That’s a good thing, BTW.) đŸ˜€

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