In Deep Smit– 09/26/08


Another Friday is here! Today I have a very writer-friendly deep smit posting. 😉

Today, I am deeply smitten with

You can use Lulu for print-on-demand self-publishing, of course, but that’s not why I love them.

Back when I was finishing up my first round of major editing, I noticed that I found different changes I needed to make when I read my manuscript on the computer vs. on paper. I wanted to print it up like a novel to read-through for my next round of edits.

Unlike a lot of other POD options, Lulu gives you the option of a private project, which means you can print up a nice-looking, bound paperback without ever making your manuscript publicly available (so you still have first publication rights to sell).

I decided it was time to reprint, since I’m done with editing until an agent or editor wants changes.

My manuscript for The Edge of Memory is ~275 pages. In 11-font standard paperback format, it makes for a ~350 page novel and cost $11.77. You can design your own full wrap cover.

I ordered it last Tuesday, and a week later my package arrived.

I know it’s nothing close to getting published, but it still feels amazing to hold what looks like a novel in your hands and know you wrote it.






6 Responses

  1. Cool. It’s like your own personal ARC. I’m going to go check it out. Yours looks beautiful. Congrats.

  2. Awesome! I might do that too. I agree with Mary, yours looks fantastic. Cool post, Heather!

  3. Woo, it’s very pretty!

  4. How cool that is and what a great idea! I totally agree with the whole reading it on paper vs the computer thing – I always find wwwaaayyy more mistakes after I print something out.

  5. Thanks, guys!

    I did my best photoshop futzing with some pictures I took to make the cover art.

    It’s not amazing or anything, but it works for me. 😉

  6. Hey, that’s a cool idea. I’m very tempted to do it with my own book. I’m sure I’d find a lot of things I missed in my first edits.

    And very pretty cover, by the way.

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