In Deep Smit– 09/05/08


Another Friday here already… I swear they’re coming faster these days! Photobucket

As you blog readers know, my resolution to become a query player has not gone as well as I had hoped. Photobucket

I still have trouble “flirting” with several agents at once, even though I know that’s expected. Heck, Elizabeth Jote even specifically posted that it was okay to play the field. But I still haven’t sent out queries like I should.Photobucket

Still, a couple queries here and there over the last couple of months have suddenly hit the sweet spot simultaneously, which has meant several trips to the post office for me in the last couple of weeks. Photobucket

Having stopped at the post office by my hospital on Wednesday (which turns out to be a smidge behind the times) I have realized how deeply I’ve come to love the automatic postal machines.

The first time I used one was a little time-consuming, but now, I can get in and out in no time. I can buy two priority mail flat rate stamps, fill out the labels for the flat rate envelopes, fold the self-addressed one in with my materials, seal the whole thing up and get it in the drop box in less than five minutes. Photobucket

On Wednesday, I waited a lot longer than that just to get through the line. Photobucket

So, deep deep smit this week for the Automated Postal Centers! Photobucket

One Response

  1. Ooooh! I love the automated postage machines too. I have to admit I always kind of secretly snicker at all the people waiting in line.

    Good luck on those queries too!

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