Happy Labor Day!

As appropriate, I suppose, I am laboring today.  Well, laboring and mainlining caffeine Photobucketas I didn’t sleep much this weekend.

We were celebrating my BIL’s wedding to his beautiful new wife. Photobucket It was quite a cosmopolitan affair.  The bride was Taiwanese, the groom Mexican, the food was Italian.  We had both Mariachis and a Taiwanese choir performing.  My husband (Mr. Kiddoc) gave possibly the most awesome Best Man’s Toast ever.  It was a gorgeous, festive, emotional occasion and I wish them both a much-deserved lifetime of happiness together. PhotobucketPhotobucketPhotobucket

Coming back in to work was brutal early this morning after partying late last night.  The wedding was worth it, of course, but I am running on fumes over here.  Well, fumes and coffee.Photobucket

Hey, at least I got to have leftover wedding cake for breakfast! Photobucket


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  1. I’m so glad you enjoyed yourself. It sounds lovely. Glad you survived work, and I hope you’re getting much needed rest now!

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