In Deep Smit: Rally Forth!!


Wow! Friday really sneaked up on me this week… I guess I got distracted by my oldness and the chain gang. null

This week’s reason for jubilation is a new website which I’ve been testing for a few weeks. null

It’s called Rallystorm and here’s how it works…

Basically, it’s a social networking site. In some ways similar to MySpace or Facebook.

As a Rallystorm member, you have a profile where you can include information about yourself. You can designate other users as “friends”, post comments on their profile pages, and send virtual gifts. But unlike other sites where your profile is the focus, at Rallystorm it’s just a small part of your ways to connect.

Rallystorm allows you to create and manage your own FORUMS. Your forums can be personal or public, open to anyone or invitation only.

Want to create a public forum to discuss Barack Obama or Paris Hilton or Project Runway or Knitting Techniques? Done.

Want a private forum to post pictures of your kids and talk about them with your family and friends? Sure.

Need a private site for easy group discussion by your test readers on your latest work in progress? Rallystorm can do that too.

Create a virtual Book Club. Discuss the latest breaking news. Form a Chocoholics Support Group. Pretty much anything you can think of to discuss, you can find or make a place to do it. null

And it’s free! null

I null it!

I’m Kiddoc over there, as I am on most chat sites. So if you find your way over, make sure to say “hi”!

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