In Deep Smit– 8/01/08


Well, Friday again! This week has passed uber-quickly for me in a blur of family parties, work, and check engine light illumination.

So, for this week’s entry, I am in deep smit with something simple. Everywhere I go, I see them and they make me happy.

I Photobucket Queen Anne’s Lace. I realize that, at best considered a wildflower, at worst a weed, they are not everyone’s cup of tea. But I love their giant snowflake appearance, the way their skinny stems seem to disappear from a distance (giving the impression the blossoms are floating midair), and I especially love that at the end of summer, around my birthday, the very middlemost blossom in the cluster turns purple.

Not a pale lavender purple, either… a deep dark indigo rivaling an african violet. Like Queen Anne’s lace has a secret naughty side. Photobucket

Call them weeds if you like, but I Photobucket them.

In other news, this is my 100th blog post, so yay!



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