Say It Ain’t So, Borders… Say It Ain’t So.


I belong to an active chat board where a recent thread outlined a coupon code for The coupon code– intended for $5 of a single item– apparently was not working properly and was allowing customers to place large orders for multiple items with $5 taken off the price of EACH item. This apparently included items that retailed for less than $5. Photobucket

Naturally, this led to many large orders placed for dozens and even hundreds of free or severely discounted books. With free shipping. Photobucket

I understand the coupon has been deactivated now, although there were apparently several days during which orders may or may not have been processed.  There’s been a lot of confusion on which orders will be or have been processed, and which will be canceled.

This whole thing makes me so so sad. Photobucket

I know we’ve all discussed at length how deeply we need Borders as an additional outlet. Additional merges within the book sales world are frankly frightening, as it could leave one or two people deciding which books in a given genre will be available when a customer enters a bookstore. Photobucket Certainly giving away thousands of dollars worth of books with free shipping is unlikely to help Borders’ bottom line. Photobucket And given the haphazard application of the coupon and the resulting cancellations of orders that had been already charged, this fiasco won’t be helping with good will either.

This scares me. Photobucket Not just as an aspiring author, but as a reader.

Shake it off, Borders, and get your head back in this game. Please. Photobucket


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  1. SCARY!!

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