Yesterday was the memorial service for my Aunt Sue. The service was held in a church near Chicago, as she is buried near here (she’d been living in California for the last 20 years or so, but before that she lived here for over 60 years).

Since she was not a member of the parish, the priest had never met her, but gave a beautiful sermon nonetheless. He also shared this poem, which I thought was worthy of passing on:

God saw she was getting tired
and a cure was not to be.
So He put His arms around her
and whispered, “Come with Me”.

With tear-filled eyes we watched her
slowly fade away.
Although we loved her deeply,
We could not make her stay.

A golden heart stopped beating,
hard-working hands at rest.
God broke our hearts to prove to us
He only takes the best.

Funerals are always sad, naturally. But they also remind us how important the people we love are. More than any other occasion, I think, they really serve to bring families and friends closer together. As our lives get more and more hectic, we gather less often. And when we do get together for a birthday or a wedding or graduation, there is so much distraction. A DJ is playing or a football game is on.

Despite the sadness of the occasion, I appreciate the time spent quietly with those we love, sharing our memories and focusing on what made them special.


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  1. I agree about using the time to reflect on our loved ones. At my brother Michael’s funeral, we told funny stories about his life and laughed a lot. It was a grand farwell. Until we meet again.

  2. Funerals allow surviving family members to remember the wonderful times spent together. Through the tears, there are smiles. Through the sadness, there is laughter.

    Our 1-yr old son has brought our families closer. Yes, some of the larger gatherings have been hectic, but when most of the guests leave, the immediate family hangs around and takes a deep breath.

  3. Beautiful.

  4. I first met Sue Dyer late in 1984 or early in 1985. She rode up on her bicycle to introduce herself as my new neighbor. We were neighbors and friends for about 22 years.

    Sue loved her life in California and had a great retirement here and she had many friends. She worked part-time in the early days and later volunteered at the Downey Library and at her church–St. Raymonds. Every day, she walked four miles or more and in warm weather swam every day. She enjoyed concerts in the park with friends, and she enjoyed dinners and family celebrations with her nieces and nephew and their families. She took many fun, senior trips and enjoyed playing bingo at the Thursday Club. Sue always was ready to pitch in when our Association Board requested help from residents and she helped hang the decorations for the last complex party. Sue had a ready smile and an Irish sense of humor. Sue taught me a lot. I was there for her in her last days and visited her often at the care center.

  5. Thank you, Marion Russell, for stopping by.

    My aunt was an amazing woman and well-loved everywhere she went. 🙂

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