Have We Come Full Circle With Weather Forecasts?

I’m thirty-something.  When I was a kid, we took it for granted that the weather forecast was a guess.  Often, not even a best guess.

Like Marty McFly said in Back to the Future, “Since when can weathermen predict the weather, let alone the future?”

Well, since the ’90’s really.  Sometime during high school/college the weathermen started getting it right.  They also started calling themselves Meteorologists, but that’s another story.

Against everything I’d learned as a child, I began trusting the weather forecast. 

Over the last year or so, though, it seems more and more often to be misplaced trust.  Three times this winter, large snow storms that were hyped completely failed to turn up.  On Tuesday, a huge storm warning was called for my area.  The tornado sirens went off and everything.  I checked the hourly forecast for my city: thunderstorms all day long.

And, indeed, a storm did come that morning.  It rained heavily for about an hour.  By noon, it was sunny and the sidewalks had dried.

So, why the switch?  Are these meteorologists crying wolf?  Trying to spice up their forecasts?  Has a supervillain finally perfected a weather-control device and is using it to accomplish their fiendish plot to undermine the Weather Channel?  Is it global warming? 

What’s the dealio?


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