Every Car Has Its Life-Threatening Defect

So, virtually every car has some sort of glitch.  Our old minivan had a transmission that was prone to crapping out without warning.

And my luck dictates that if a glitch is possible, it is probable.

So, recently I was driving home from work in my dream car.  The weather was fabulous, and, inhibitions removed by lack of sleep for 24+ hours, I was rocking out loudly to the Indigo Girls as I sat at a stoplight.

A car pulled up next to me.  I sensed the driver’s intense stare.  “So what?” I figured.  “Let him enjoy my impromptu sing-a-long session.”

From the corner of my eye, I see him waving to me.  Is he about to compliment my singing?  Ask me to shut up?  Tell me to get a life?  I’m 34 years old; it’s been a long time since a stranger chatted me up at a stoplight.  Finally, he will not be ignored.

“Excuse me,” he shouts over my radio.

I hit the mute button.  I get it now.  He needs directions.  There is something in my face that suggests I know how to find places. “Yes?”

“Did you know that your brake lights are out?”


“Yeah… both brake lights are out.  Only the one in your window is working.”

“Oh… thanks for telling me.”

Heading straight to the shop, I call my husband to tell him I’ll be late coming home.  He is skeptical.  “That’s weird that they would both be out.  You don’t even know for sure… it’s just some random guy.  If they really are out, you’ve probably blown a fuse.”

“Well, I’m still going to get them checked.  I’m due for an oil change anyway.” I hang up and drive with exaggerated stopping time.

Meanwhile, back at the bat cave, Internet Boy is researching brakelight problems for 2006 sonatas.

At the shop I ask them to check the brakelights.  They tell me the lights are working fine.

As I prepare to leave, I decide to check them myself.  After all, why would a random dude stop me otherwise?

Although the taillights come on, they DON’T light when you step on the brake.  I call the mechanics out to look.

The mechanics suspect an electrical problem, but they agree to try replacing the bulbs.

Et Voila!  All fixed. 

Internet Boy calls in with the news that 2006 Sonata original brakelights tend to burn out oddly.

So, potentially dangerous defect now repaired.  Total cost to me?  $5.86 for the bulbs.  Installing them was free with my oil change.

I seriously love my car.

Oh… and if you have an ’06 Sonata, you might want to replace your brakelight bulbs. 😉


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