My Pitch for The Edge of Memory

Warning! The following post is slightly spoilerific. So you’ll have to click “continue” to read it. 😉

In case you read about my first agent meeting and wondered what my 60-second pitch was…

In my novel, in 1951, a ten-year-old girl collapses inside an unfamiliar house in a small town in Illinois. No one knows where she came from or how she ended up on a war widow’s front porch on that stormy night. What if later, as an adult, that girl learns that the people she’s trusted have been lying to her? What if she could track down the place she came from?

So she leaves everything behind to set out on an odyssey across the Midwest, eventually to discover that her father murdered her mother and has recently been released from prison. After visiting her childhood home, she begins having vivid dream-memories of what happened before she was sent away. But what if they’re more than just dreams? What if she’s only remembering what someone else wants her to? What if there are darker family secrets than her mother’s murder? And what if on top of all that, she meets the sort of man she’s always looked for, but she can’t handle a romantic relationship in the midst of everything else?

My novel, The Edge of Memory, is the story of a woman with childhood amnesia whose search for her birth parents uncovers brutal family secrets that force her to confront a violent murderer.


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  1. If I didn’t already know the answers, I’d be dying of curiosity. 🙂

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