Going with the Flow

Today, as I drove to pick up California rolls for dinner, I was rocking out to Nirvana.

I remembered the first time I ever heard Smells Like Teen Spirit. I was in high school, cruising with my sister. She had already mainlined the song after taping it off the radio and knew all the words by heart.

When it came on, she cranked the volume so high that the car shook and the speakers buzzed the words into an urgent blur.


I told her I’d never heard it before, but she kept insisting I sing along.headphones.gif

So for the last 2 choruses, I sang at the top of my lungs words I knew were wrong, but that fit the right rhythm and tones:

A gelato, a placebo, Father Guido, Jalepeno. rockon.gif

I don’t think she noticed. snort.gif


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