What’s in a Name?

I’ve been thinking a lot in the last few days about pen names.

I had planned that if my book were to be published, it would be under my professional name. I am starting to doubt that decision.

Given the subject matter of my novel, it is conceivable that I may generate some angry responses. I am not afraid of angry responses, however, it would be unwise for me to create any difficulties for my employer or the hospital at which I work.

What are the odds that:

  1. My book will actually be published
  2. My book will be well-enough read to cause a significant public response
  3. The responders will be ambitious enough to look up my place of work and attempt to contact me there.

My guess is… not very good odds. 🙂

But, I would hate to create any inconvenience for my work; I am very happy with my job.

Anybody with thoughts? popcorn.gif

I am thinking perhaps I will use my married name instead– to which my husband replies, “Oh, fine! Sic the crazies on my family!” teehee.gifsnort.gif


One Response

  1. I have another friend who writes YA novels and I heard through her that sometimes it can be to your advantage to use a pen name so that you don’t get too locked into a particular genre identity. So if you write a totally different type of book next, you could use a different name for that project instead of “diluting your brand”, so to speak.

    Btw, Elizabeth often links to articles about publishing, agents, etc. in her blog, if you feel like checking that out:


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