I R Editing… a smidge, anyway.

So, I’ve been searching the internet for a good definition of women’s fiction. The category seems to be a bit vague, really, other than that it should appeal to women.

So, with that nebulous information, I’ve decided to enter a contest in the category of “Women’s Fiction with Romantic Elements”. At the very least, someone will read what I’ve written, and even if they say, “Pfft! What are you thinking? This doesn’t qualify!” I will at least have that information to go on.

I honestly think it could be marketed either way.

So, for the purposes of the contest, I edited my first 3 chapters. While I was doing it, I was afraid I was only making it worse, but after letting it settle for a couple days, I’ve reread it and I think it is much better.

So, yay! Three chapters edited and 37 to go. *snort*

I think I will still need to do a bit more in those first 3 chapters to accomplish the setting timewise. As it stands, I have it now set in 1981. Which means I need to address some big news issues that would be bound to come up (e.g. Pope John Paul getting shot). But that would have been beyond the scope of the contest entry.

I could set in 1982, but apparently there was a freak blizzard in April that year, which I would also have to address, I think.


Test readers: I will make another private page to post the revised first 3 chapters, so you can review them if you like. 😉 The password will be the same.


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