My First Book

I was just thinking that, technically, Still Haunted is NOT the first book I’ve written.

My first book was written at the age of four and was called, “The Two Flowers”.

It was written on sheets of rigid tissue paper and featured a cover onto which I had pasted two magazine cut-outs of roses. The remainder of the book’s illustrations were drawn by hand.

Page 1: (featuring a picture of two daisy-esque flowers with smiling faces.)

Once there were two flowers who loved the sun and rain.

Page 2: (featuring one of the smiling flowers pointing at the other with a leaf)

One flower said to the other, ‘Why don’t we get married?’

Page 3: (featuring the flowers holding leaf-hands)

And the second flower said, ‘Okay!’

Page 4: (featuring the two smiling flowers again)

‘I wonder what it’s like to have children.’

Page 5: (featuring numerous small flowers climbing over and jumping on the two larger flowers who are no longer smiling)

‘Uh-oh! Now we have children!’

The End.

Apparently, I was kind of deep for four. *LOL*


2 Responses

  1. That is awesome. “Uh-oh! Now we have children!!!”


    Probably not far from the truth, right??

    I have to say- my own first literary endeavor was “My Monchichi Book”

    It’s gripping, I tell you. Gripping.

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