Agent Secrets

I spent a large chunk of today looking up information on literary agents. I am starting to really itch to work on the editing, and I know I am still too close to the material to edit well yet, so I am channeling my energy into researching the publishing process instead.

It is a crazy experience, I have to say… not quite as surreal as coming home from work one day and spontaneously starting a novel, but still odd nonetheless.

Searching for an agent is a little like online dating, I’d expect, although I’ve never actually tried that. I’ve been surfing through photos and bios, reading what these agents are looking for and wondering whether it might be me.

One of the questions I struggle with is “What genre is your novel?” I mean, obviously it is fiction, but as far as subcategories go, I’m a little stymied. But genre classification is apparently quite critical when you are looking for an agent.
Is it literary fiction? Maybe… I’ve made some use of symbolism and etymology, for certain, but it is still quite story-driven.

Is it historical fiction? It is set somewhat in the past, but I don’t think it’s far enough in the past for the timing to be so prominent as to define the genre.

Is it a mystery? Sort of. But certainly not a traditional mystery story. No detectives or private investigators involved.

Is it a thriller/suspense novel? Maybe… I certainly hope it is thrilling to read, but I don’t know that it is really in step with what people expect in a “thriller”.

Is it “Women’s Fiction”? I don’t think so… not intentionally. Although most of it is about my female main character’s thoughts and feelings about what happens to her, so maybe that is more geared towards a female audience.

So, does anyone who has read have any thoughts on this? Does it strike you as similar to another novel for which I could peek at the genre classification?

Well, enough stalling… it is time for bed. šŸ™‚


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