So close now

I am so close to finishing the first draft of my novel.

It is absolutely crazy.

I’m just a couple of pages into Chapter 36 now. Chapter 37 will be the climax. Then I just need to wrap everything up and I will have a draft in front of me.

It is mind-boggling to think about.

I apologize to my few reader-helpers. I have made a few minor changes to the earlier part, to better dovetail into the chapters I am writing now. So sorry about that.

Once I finish it, I plan to read through the whole manuscript once to fix grammar, spelling, syntax, etc., and then I will leave it alone for a while, I guess. Let it simmer for a bit.

And then I shall be hitting up critical people to read before I start the editing. 😉

Current stats: 35 chapters (and change), 81, 560 words, and 261 pages.


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