That’s It, It’s All Over!

The NaNoWriMo Contest is all over. The fifth and final Golden Ticket has been found.

The website I joined for aspiring novelists ended its wordcount contest late last night.

I finished with 66,460 words for the month of November– a nice bit over the required 50K.

I finished chapters 31 to 33 yesterday, so my book now stands at 33 chapters, 77,008 words, and just under 250 pages.

I reworked my chapters outline (the first one I did called for 17 chapters *snort*) and came up with 41 chapters total. So far, I have stuck to that guide, with the last 3 chapters covering exactly what I’d expected they would.

If that estimate is correct, I have only 8 chapters left to write. That is simply mind-blowing.

The last chapter I wrote last night was the one I’d been dreading since I first started writing this. I think I am roughly satisfied with its vagueness.

It will, like everything else, require editing later, but right now I am focusing on powering through to the first draft finish line.


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